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UX/UI Product Design for a Mobile Commerce Startup


Knot Complex is a mobile marketplace for buying and selling authenticated brand name items locally.


I used lean UX techniques by rapid prototyping and user testing to create a mobile app for an e-commerce business. 

I designed wireframes and prototypes using Sketch and InVision.​

user personas

Name: Rebecca

Age: 23

Location: San Francisco, CA

Martial Status: Single

Occupation: Digital Marketing Account Specialist

Income: $50,000

Education: Bachelor's Degree

About: Rebecca recently moved to San Francisco for her new job and is sharing an apartment with three friends.

Needs: To purchase used furniture and home decor items for her room

Budget: $750

Name: John

Age: 32

Location: Palo Alto, CA

Martial Status: Married

Occupation: Software Engineer

Income: $120,000

Education: Bachelor's Degree

About: John is an avid motorcycle rider who is looking to downsize his collection of vintage bikes. 

Needs: Looking to sell a motorcycle locally on a secure and trustworthy site and be able to quickly post, edit and view his listing

style guide

I worked with the creative director to come up with the color palette, fonts and logo. 


This is an example of a prototype for the shopping page I created for Knot Complex's iOS app design. This section will provide the users with items that fit their filtered criteria and locally available. 

If you would like to see the full prototype please email me here.

Knot Complex Prototype
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