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UX/UI Design for a Hospitality and Service Industry Networking Site


Industry is a professional network and hiring solution for the service and hospitality industry. Over 17+ million people in the U.S. and over 200+ million worldwide work in restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and hotels as a career, yet face a 72% job turnover. Industry is a platform for users to get jobs, build their brand and seek out mentors. For businesses they have an intuitive applicant tracking system and the ability to recruit talent that fits your culture.


UX/UI redesign of the on-boarding

process and user profile template. I used InVision to create the wireframes and prototype. user experience redesign

Original user profile

user pain points
  • The log-in process is lengthy

  • Navigation after signing up is confusing  

  • Users worry that their applications will be overlooked 

  • Filling out applications is redundant on top of giving their resume to employers

  • Users dislike creating their own job duties and would prefer using pre-written duties

  • Want to set themselves apart from the competition


user survey

I created a survey to better understand the needs of current and potential users. 


The survey can be viewed here.


Name: Shannon

Occupation: Server

Age: 27

Lives in: Los Angeles

Education: Bachelor’s in Psychology

Current Wages: $9/hr + tip

Years in the industry: 5


Shannon is working long hours at her current job and going to school in the evenings. She is looking for a part-time server position. She is always frustrated with job sites that require her to manually enter basic information such as her job skills, education, which are already on her resume. She typically doesn't continue filling out the application if a site requires this as it takes too much time. 

During her work break she is scrolling through job postings and finds one that she wants to apply to. She only has five minutes to submit her application.


Industry Wireframes
Industry wireframes

Low-fidelity wireframes

User Flow

I worked with the stakeholders to redesign the user flow. Here are the whiteboard sketches.


I created wireframes for the on boarding process and user profile that resolved the key pain points of both the user and the stakeholders. 



  • The option to sign up via Facebook

  • Pre-populated skills and duties for the user based on the job title selected

  • Helpful examples of good sentences for the bio section

  • A progress bar to make the user aware of exactly how many steps are required to access the site.


Based on the feedback from user testing I used InVision to refine the prototype.  



  • Adding the option to upload photos from social media accounts to profile

  • Gamification features which will be unlocked once the user has completed certain tasks on site

Here is the clickable prototype

Profile After Onboarding
Completed Profile
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